How I purchase costly Devices in low price to learn IoT Pentesting

 How I purchase costly Smart Devices in low price by not to wasting money for testing devices

Note: this article based on the india location

Many of you are interested in IoT Pentesting and Device hacking. One of the main challenges for entry in this domain is money.

As per me, for learning I do not invest much money on the hardware as there chances of me bricking the device. But if it’s for a project, I definitely buy the device even if it’s expensive. Check the below flow that I follow for buying devices

  1. OLX India,

  2. Amazon

  3. Flipkart

  4. CEX (many branches all over world)

  5. Banggood

  6. Chor bazaars (thief markets)

  7. Electronic bazaar (street side)

  8. Known people

So let’s see, If i want to buy one router to start my journey into router basic knowledge to get into IoT Pentesting 

Attack vectors for the Routers like

  1. Network 

  2. Embedded application

  3. Firmware

  4. Hardware 

  5. Others depends on the router features like android app and others

1st attempt is lets check with OLX and Banggood


See above image is showing the routers from 200 rs to 2K sometimes will get gaming routers for cheaper price .. better before buy devices check it properly and do the payment when you received the device in your hand. (don't do online payment before you buy from OLX)

Banggood: currently shipping on hold due to corona 

But cheap and best gadgets you will get from here (Ali express and Alibaba check as well)

FLIPKART AND AMAZON also you can buy cheap IoT Gadgets like smartband and others

Search for required device.


From cex will get smart devices with warranty with reasonable price 

I used to buy gadgets from CEX stores directly.

Chor bazaars (thief markets) : 

Thief Markets are not much secure areas and not even trust area , but for testing any devices is like better one , in this markets we may get the sometimes good products some times bad products 

So we don’t have to worry about bricking these devices since they are not expensive

Electronic bazaar (street side)

Special streets for electronics where we can get prototypes and cloned devices, over the world this type streets everywhere, also on roadside will get cheap china products or damaged once

all we purchasing for bricking purpose only.

Known people:

If anyone from my circle they want to sell any electronic device or smart devices, I always offer the reasonable price and bought from them.

The devices which I have in my personal labs 

There are many other websites like


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