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VR Model P1 - 360 degree camera

This article is one of my very old assessment for fun i did (and it is done 2017) got it by recovering hard disk and assigned CVE ID - (CVE-2020-23512) . Here my target to  test 360 degree camera which trending in the IP camera world recently, what we going test model P1 VR camera. What is VR camera..? In photography, an omnidirectional camera (from "Omni", meaning all) is a camera with a 360-degree field of view in the horizontal plane, or with a visual field that covers (approximately) the entire sphere. Omnidirectional cameras are important in areas where large visual field coverage is needed, such as in panoramic photography and robotics. VR CAM P1 Proxy Eye Fisheye Camera IP 3D Vr 360 Degree Panoramic 960P Wi-Fi CCTV Camera With Sd Memory Card Slot Multi Viewing Mode Features of this VR CAMERA:    Brand VR CAM Model P1 Product Dimension 15 x 15 x 5 cm Resolution 960p Android/iOS Devices Additional Featur

IoT-PT(Internet of Things Penetration Testing OS)

I would like to share a Virtual environment to Pentesting IoT devices in an easy way.Most of the questions that I got from Telegram group < >.  How to start IoT Security and any good resources  Ans: < > I have made 3rd Opensource learning gift  from my side to learners and enthusiast it is IoT-PT Virtual OS  --------------------------------------------------------------- /                                                             / /       OS info and Requirements :     / /      Base OS      : Lubuntu 18.04 LTS                                / /      Processors  : 2 (By default 4)                                   / /      RAM           : 3GB (By default 8)                                 / /      VirtualBox 6+                                                       / /                                                             / /      username : iotpt ; password : iot1   

Some IoT Pentesting hints -- keep on update

A. Collect the information about the device sheets      ii.product features      iii.installation guide and user manual download from the vendor      website or use google dorks to get the data B. as per device name and model number or hardware information check for publicly  available exploits -exploit db , or exploit search engines u seful search engines for the exploits      There are special search engines for IoT which helps us to find the more insecure devices which is publicly available        i. shodan        ii. censys        iii.zoomeye        iv. onphye C. Making a detailed list     i. Write all features list of the device     ii. Make list publicly available exploits     iii.Start making your own method to pentest it -      before that understand device more clearly D. Common approach for the IoT Pentesting Methodo