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OWASP IoT I9: Firmware analysis part -1

• Get the firmware• Reconnaissance• Unpacking• Localize point of interest• Decompile/pentest/fun!What are the requirements i will explain step by step. Here i am using the Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 you can use which Linux is comfortable with you. Requirements: 1. Binwalk 2. Strings 3. Hexeditor 4. Linux OS - Ubuntu or Any other 5. Vulnerable firmware So here i am not attacking any device directly because for firmware you will get from the vendor site or you can find some firmware in index of some sites. Installation: 1. Binwalk: as shown below And follow the installation steps from the Github location some dependencies need to be install. Some of them i will show how to do and remaining check from here     $sudo apt-get install binwalk 2.Strings: After installation in the Binwalk in my Linux operating OS so next strings already default many Linux systems if it