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Buspirate v3.6 firmware upgrade from USB

Buspirate :  The Bus Pirate v3.6a, created by  Ian Lesnet , is a troubleshooting tool that communicates between a PC and any embedded device over 1-wire, 2-wire, 3-wire, UART, I 2 C, SPI, and HD44780 LCD protocols - all at voltages from 0-5.5VDC. This product eliminates a ton of early prototyping effort when working with new or unknown chips. Upgrading firmware: For noobs i made this   bus pirate  will not come with latest firmware so we need to do it. buspirate v4 : supports firmware version 7  buspirate v3.x : supports firmware version 6&7 (note : firmware version 7 may hurt the device hardware not fully tested from my side doit in your won risk) Requirements :  Buspirate firmware and loader :  Connections: ICSP:  The Bus Pirate has 3 ports. This first is the ICSP port for directly programming the PIC micro controller at the heart of this product. Since there is a boot-loader and a re-flashing utility,